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Welcome to Orientalship

    Publish time 2024-01-05 16:12    

Through our extensive road and rail network across Eurasia, Orientalship Logistics providesinnovative and economical land freight services catering to the global trade across the Mainland of China, Central Asia、Central Europe、China and Russia and other parts of the world.

Supported by a team of regional and local experts, we manage the entire overlandoperation from origin to destination, meeting specifc customs requirements in everycountry and city.

From cargo pick-up, consolidation to customs clearance, we provide internationalcustomers with cost-effective long-haul trucking, sea-land and air-land services as well asdoor-to-door delivery across this highly diverse region.

We further work within your specifc industry requirements to optimise effciency andcost, all within your desired timeframe.