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Welcome to Orientalship

    Publish time 2024-01-05 16:12    

Orientalship Logistics is committed to provide our customers with the cutting-edge technologiesto support the digitalisation of the supply chain with end-to-end visibility.

Our logistics operations are utilising a wide spectrum oftechnology tools such as:

Radio Frequency ldentifcation (RFID)


Voice Picking

Robotics Butlers (Goods-to-Person)

Automatic Storage Retrieval System(ASRS)

Electronic Proof-of-Delivery (ePOD) 

Smart Tag

Supply Chain Control Towers

Data Analytics

Supply Chain Network Design (SCND)

These technology tools are supported by an extensiveapplication portfolio managed by our global teams:

●Warehouse Management System (KWMS

●Freight Management System (KFMS)

●Transportation Management System (KTMS)

●Order Management System (KOMS)

●Virtual Buying Offce (VBO)

●Supply Chain Visibility Platform (KerrierVision)

What's next?

We will continue to innovate and adopt an effcient cloud-based technology to provide ourcustomers with complete visibility as well as lower cost and better service effciencies.